Tuesday, August 30th

9:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Melinda Hasting, Andy Campbell, Tom Booker, Marv Pratt, Jayson Oaks, Cody Melcher, Marci Spivey


Austin, TX

The3$Bills are a Austin's premiere gay, lesbian, bi, pansexual, omnivorous, polyamorous all-around queer improvisors who love to have fun who do a montage of scenes based on a verb, such as "adore", "despise", "avoid".

They pride themselves on being zany, witty, and all around fantastic people who rise from their beds, dressed to the nines, ready to bring a massive force of funny down upon you like a drag queen with a broken stiletto.

Cast:Marc Majcher, Justin Davis, Erica Murabito Lies

The Asides


The Asides tell long-form, real-time narratives that take place in one room and can use events or emotional triggers from our real lives that affect the performances. Our shows can range from a heartbreaking story of an autistic man living with his sister and her husband or that of a man living on a train full of cannibalistic clowns. Life and death situations can, and often do, occur alongside everyday trivialities that make up The Asides's world, and we vie to have a stake in all of it.

Cast:Jon Bolden, Mike Sullivan, Hugo Vargas Zesati, Quinn Buckner, Kyle Traughber

The Dukes of Bedside Manor

Austin, TX

The Dukes delight in finding a new topic / subject for each performance (selected by the internet community). They individually research said topic and discuss their own discoveries, immediately jumping into a whirlwind of academic inspired improv.

What happens when the Theory of Relativity, Japanese theater traditions, or the history of Easter Island gets interpreted through five dumb dudes? Come and find out!

Educated from various improvisation institutions in Austin & Chicago, the troupe has most recently performed in the 13th Annual Del Close Marathon this year.