Wednesday, August 31st

9:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Tom Booker, Tyler Booker, John Buseman, Madeline Chauvin, Christine Giordano, Ted Meredith, Taylor Overstreet

The Institituion Theater presents: STORYBOARD

Austin, TX

Using the legendary Del Close's Movie format, the members of The Institution Theater will improvise three seemingly unrelated (and highly cinematic) tableaus which will grow into three seemingly unrelated vignettes before weaving together into one never-before-seen "movie".

With 25 years of performance experience, The Institution Theater is devoted to making the impossible happen through a diverse array of improvisational and sketch comedy.

The Institution Theater thumbs its nose at traditions and conventions, preferring to make theater that's like a party where there just happens to be a show going on.

Cast:Jason Vines, Deano Jones

Simply D-VINE


Simply D-VINE create passionate, committed characters from personal facts and nuances revealed by selected audience members. They dig deep into the spirit of the people and environments they create and play with the conviction of stage actors as well as with the grit and wild abandon of rock and roll improvisors.

Jason Vines & Deano Jones are a couple rock and roll guys who met through playing in other improv shows together. They were immediately drawn by each other's Balls to the Wall attitude and their joining of forces was imminent. Their plan was to not have a plan but only to bring bold and committed characters to the stage that make it impossible not to be invested in their world. Their fearless style of play is a combination of their notorious, high-octane personalities. The result is a comedic supernova that is...Simply D-VINE.

Cast:Blynch, Christie Ingram, Summer Wilson Brow, Chuy Zarate, Weldon Phillips, Matt Sadler, Todd Calvert, Cole Spainhour, David Lampe, Rusty McDowell

Your Dad's Friends

Austin, TX

You Dad's Friends will perform their signature form in the festival: "The Improvention." It is a take on the tv show "Intervention" the audience suggests an absurd thing to which one could become addicted and the cast member who has the addiction. Scenes are performed in which they find out how the addiction occurred, how the addiction has affected various friends and family members and the surprise intervention to try to help cure the afflicted member.

Your Dad's Friends are an Improv Comedy Troupe consisting entirely of people who grew up with your dad. You don't believe them? Go ahead, ask him. As they have all been around and performing improv for anywhere from 10 to 30 years depending on the cast member, they have more combined experience than any one of you little pip squeaks! And Git the Hell Offa Their Lawn!