Saturday, September 3rd

12am @ The State Theater


Cast:This year's special Stool Pigeon is Todd Stashwick (Heroes, The Riches, Burn Manhattan). The improvisers are: Aaron Krebs (Mission: IMPROVable), Bill Binder (Galapagos, Director of the Phoenix Improv Festival), Bob Dassie (Weridass, Dasariski, FOD: Carpet Brothers), Colton Dunn (Rough Cut, MAD TV, Boom Chicago, Parks and Recreation), Courtney Hopkin (Your Terrific Neighbors, 69 Love Scenes), Dan Oster (My Favorite Customer, MAD TV, Boom Chicago), Eric Hunicutt (Hunicutt & Grace, The Reckoning), Irene White (Zach Scott's August Osage County, Spy Kids 4) James Grace, (Hunicutt & Grace, IO West Artistic Director, Super Troopers), Jamie Moyer (Margot's Pie, Second City Detroit/LA), Jean Villepique (Switchboard, The Second City Chicago, I Love You Man, 30 Rock), Joshua Krilov (Billy Icon, The Night Show with Josh Krilov, Stool Pigeon), Lance Gilstrap (Midnight Society, Stool Pigeon), Michael Jastroch (ColdTowne, Stool Pigeon), Rebecca Sohn (Switchboard, The Annoyance Theater, The Second City Chicago), Stephen C. James (Nerdvana, The TuskegeeXperiment), Suzi Barrett (Rough Cut, Boom Chicago, eSurance Commercials), Todd Schanbacher (The Frank Mills, Stool Pigeon), Courtney Hopkin (Your Terrific Neighbors, 69 Love Scenes)

All-Star Stool Pigeon


The cast of Stool Pigeon reads like a Who's Who of Austin improv's finest. Each week, a different cast of improvisers, sketch comedy writers, and visiting guest stars come together on the ColdTowne Theater stage to twist the stories of a local celebrity guest into completely improvised scenes.

Past years Stool Pigeons have included Tim League (Alamo Drafthouse), Owen Egerton (author of The Book of Harold), Wayne Allen Brenner (The Austin Chronicle), Bill Kirchenbauer (Growing Pains), Matthew Odam (Austin American Statesman), David Ansel (The Soup Peddler)

For this very special OOB version, the Stool Pigeon will be none other than Todd Stashwick (TV's The Riches, The Doubtful Guests, Burn Manhattan, almost every TV show on right now).

Tood Stashwick

More about Todd:
Todd Stashwick was born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs right outside of the city. His dream came true of performing for The legendary Second City comedy troupe when he was hired in 1992 to tour nationally with The Second City.

Following productions at The Second City Detroit and The Second City Northwest, he moved to New York. There, he formed a company of improvisers and began staging the underground critically acclaimed "Burn Manhattan" all over the city. Other performers included Kate Walsh, Jeremy Piven and Spencer Kayden.

Aside from his work in improvisational theatre, Stashwick worked for several years in late 1997 through Spring 2000 on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," performing as part of their rotating stable of comedy actors.

Work in television and film ultimately drew him to Los Angeles where he soon landed roles in several pilots and series, including recurring roles on "American Dreams," "Still Standing" "The War at Home" and "Weeds." To date, he has made numerous guest-starring appearances on such shows as "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," "How I Met Your Mother," "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Dharma & Greg" and "Will & Grace." He has also played a variety of monsters on sci-fi series such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Dark Angel" and "Angel," and now fittingly, he is currently playing a monster of sorts on "The Riches." A proud moment for Stashwick was his guest-star appearance on "Enterprise" where he played the first Romulon ever revealed, disguised as a Vulcan. This past year, Stashwick also appeared in the feature film "You, Me and Dupree."

Stashwick remains true to his improvisational roots, and he produces, performs and teaches at his own improvisational theatre that he co-founded in North Hollywood called "The Hothouse" ( He has also taught and performed his unique style of avant-garde improvisation internationally. He directed a show in Liverpool called "Hoof!," which still tours throughout Europe.