Saturday, September 3rd

4:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Katie Hartman, Leah Rudick

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting

(Sketch) New York City

From the womb of a beautiful fish-beast these two ladies were spawned. They suckled upon the cement bosom of New York City, learning to laugh while eating broken glass. A sketch comedy show that turns daisies into daggers and filth into fancy.

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting is sketch comedy from the cement bosom of New York City. Since their immaculate conception this devout duo has been tearing up the NYC comedy circuit, performing at such notable venues as Upright Citizens Brigade, Caroline's on Broadway, and the People's Improv Theater.

Previous Festival Appearances:
- New York Sketchfest
- Los Angeles Comedy Festival
- Ladies Are Funny Festival
- Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Cast:Sam Dingman, Ben Masten

Audience of Two

(Sketch) New York

Ben Masten and Sam Dingman weren't always the two suave, debonair comedians you see here. They were young once. Inexperienced. But now they've been around the block a few times. They've seen shit that would blow your fucking mind. And now they're going to share that mind-blowery with you in a night of all new sketches and songs, you lucky audience you.

Audience of Two is a two-man sketch comedy team from New York City, specializing in painfully honest portrayals of their ongoing struggles with adulthood. They also offer cheerfully bizarre songs about such trenchant topics as ghost neighbors, lobster thermidor, and James Joyce's secret identity (a dinosaur gifted with intelligence and speech). Sam and Ben have now been performing together for ten years, and if annoying each other and then writing sketches about it doesn't pay off soon, they're in big trouble.

Cast:Alem Sapp, Destini Meshack, Saudia Rashed, Brett Butler, Tiffany Thomas, Dave Sirus, Keri Safran, Brendan Connor

Slow Children Crossing

(Sketch) Los Angeles

Slow Children Crossing is armed with today's landscape of intoxicated celebrities, vulnerable regimes, and reality show madness.

"Robotic Chocolate", their newest show, sets the comedic roller coaster in motion with a healthy dose of life. Mixing multi-media with live sketches the group creates a party-like atmosphere as they lampoon everyone from Qaddafi to the President.

Consisting of two men, three women, and an assortment of guest players, they bring a new voice to the sketch world with their slightly crooked perspective.

Picture this: naked animals, midgets, dancing nuns, parties at Charlie Sheen's house-- scratch that. Just picture a party at Charlie Sheen's house and that covers it all!

These hip comedians go for broke in this 90 minute set. They bet the world with the roll of the dice and are sure to come up.........need I say it?........NO, but it feels so good, I can't resist..............WINNING!

Slow Children Crossing is Los Angeles' hottest, exciting, new sketch comedy troupe.

Composed of four women and two men, this band of merry people is a mélange of topical, whimsical, high brow, low brow, political, and spoof humor that will excite all of your senses. Infused with such influences as Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Benny Hill it is easy to see why they are often described as "Kids in the Hall" meets "In Living Color".

Like graffiti artists, they have left a colorful impression in other cities such as New York, Austin, Seattle, Boston,
and will not stop until they have wrecked shop all over the world.

Seemingly born from comic jets, their high energy show will leave your head spinning, your sides splitting, and your mind wondering, "'hmmm Slow Children Crossing? Aren't we all?"