Friday, September 2nd

9:30pm @ The Velveeta Room This venue is cash only. Pay once, stay as long as you want

Ramin Nazer

Ramin is a stand-up comic who has distinguished himself with inventive joke-writing chops and an absurdist non sequitur style. He will be performing a fast-paced stand-up set that has consistently proven to surprise crowds of all types.

Ramin's got a very distinct style - his jokes are clever and delivered in a sometimes meta, sometimes tongue-in-cheek manner.

He has performed at SXSW, 3 Degrees, and has made multiple appearances at the Out of Bounds Festival. He placed 2nd in both the Funniest Person in Austin contest and Funniest Person in South Texas contest in 2010. Ramin has been featured in the Austin Chronicle, The Onion's A.V. Club, and IFC.

Erin Lennox

Erin Lennox is based in Brooklyn, NY. She hosts a weekly show at the People's Improv Theater and a monthly variety show at 11th St bar in New York's East Village called: I LIKE YOU TOO.

She has performed at the Women in Comedy Festival, the Bridgetown Comedy festival and as an opening act for Dawn Landes and the Hounds southern tour. She opens for lots of bands because they don't know much about comedy.

Previous Festival Appearances
- Selected for Caroline's funniest competition Dec 2010
- Women In Comedy Festival 2011
- Bridgetown Comedy Festival 2011

Matt Koff

Welcome to the strange world of the hapless twentysomething Brooklyn bachelor. When he's not on an awkward online date or an ill-fated job interview at a discount shoe store, comedian Matt Koff wiles away the hours by placing Missed Connections ads for no one in particular, or being mocked by neighborhood teens while out for a jog.

Still, Koff manages to keep his outlook sunny and his demeanor jovial. Striving to be the kind of comic you'd want to take home to meet Grandma, he is soft-spoken, sweater-clad, and totally un-judgmental of the fact that you happen to live with your grandma. Times are hard. Matt Koff understands.

Matt Koff has been doing stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy in New York City since 2004. He is a regular contributor for the Onion News Network. He has also written for Comedy Central, Cinemax, and the Game Show Network, where he currently works as a staff writer for The Newlywed Game. He can be seen performing his unique brand of stand-up at venues such as UCB Theatre, the Magnet Theatre, and the PIT.

Cody Eden

Cody Eden is a tall, bearded, hippie-looking guy whose easygoing demeanor belies his amazingly sharp wit... He insists he doesn't do drugs and sometimes wears a Utah Jazz cap without irony. Some people's vision of the world is so skewed that hallucinogens would be superfluous, so bizarre that they make mental health seem like a relative concept. Find out what a hangover and a newborn infant have in common.

Cody Eden is a native of Salt Lake City, of all places. As a stand-up comedian, Cody has quickly staked a name for himself as a unique and intelligent joke writer, as a charming performer with a keen sense of timing, and as a guy who looks kind of like a Wookie librarian.

His comedy is smart, edgy, often self-deprecating, and neurotically hilarious.