Saturday, September 3rd

11pm @ The Velveeta Room This venue is cash only. Pay once, stay as long as you want

Mac Blake

Mac Blake is stand-up comedian from Austin, TX. Mac also performs with the sketch groups Stag Comedy and Hot Property, mocks movies with Master Pancake Theater, and co-hosts the award winning radio program, The Mascot Wedding Show.

Matt Koff

Welcome to the strange world of the hapless twentysomething Brooklyn bachelor. When he's not on an awkward online date or an ill-fated job interview at a discount shoe store, comedian Matt Koff wiles away the hours by placing Missed Connections ads for no one in particular, or being mocked by neighborhood teens while out for a jog.

Still, Koff manages to keep his outlook sunny and his demeanor jovial. Striving to be the kind of comic you'd want to take home to meet Grandma, he is soft-spoken, sweater-clad, and totally un-judgmental of the fact that you happen to live with your grandma. Times are hard. Matt Koff understands.

Matt Koff has been doing stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy in New York City since 2004. He is a regular contributor for the Onion News Network. He has also written for Comedy Central, Cinemax, and the Game Show Network, where he currently works as a staff writer for The Newlywed Game. He can be seen performing his unique brand of stand-up at venues such as UCB Theatre, the Magnet Theatre, and the PIT.

Cody Eden

From Brian Staker of the Salt Lake City Weekly:

"Cody Eden is a tall, bearded, hippie-looking guy whose easygoing demeanor belies his amazingly sharp wit...He insists he doesn't do drugs and sometimes wears a Utah Jazz cap without irony. Some people's vision of the world is so skewed that hallucinogens would be superfluous, so bizarre that they make mental health seem like a relative concept. Find out what a hangover and a newborn infant have in common."

Cody Eden is a native of Salt Lake City, of all places. As a stand up comedian, Cody has quickly staked a name for himself as a unique and intelligent joke writer, as a charming performer with a keen sense of timing, and as a guy who looks kind of like a Wookie librarian. His comedy is smart, edgy, often self-deprecating, and neurotically hilarious.

Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf recently left the tough neighborhood known as Wall Street to pursue a cushy career in comedy. How does your life change when you give up the excitement of Excel spreadsheets, mutual funds, and passive aggressive emails? Well, you finally get to go after your dreams and Michelle's dream is to create a world where buying a cats wearing pants calendar is a reality and not just something you doodle in a notebook while you pretend to take notes in a meeting.

Come on her journey as she convinces you that September would be a whole lot better if it started with a tabby, wearing overalls, chasing a mouse. Michelle Wolf is a comedian living in NYC. She is also a recovering Wall Street employee.

Michelle Wolf has been performing improv at the PIT and UCB for the past 4 years and currently performs on PIT house team, Stranger. She has been performing stand-up for the last year and a half throughout NYC and recently performed at the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston where G.L.O.C. called her performance, "insidiously hilarious."

Michelle has also written and performed her one woman show, 'She Wolf' throughout NYC and performed at Chicago Sketchfest and Sketchfest NYC as a guest performer of the sketch group, BoF. Michelle graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in Kinesiology, which she has never used.

Aaron Hertzog

With his stand-up Aaron invites you in, sharing his unique and geeky perspective on pop culture as well as a constant self-deprecation, examining how he constantly makes the wrong decisions in his personal life. All of this is sprinkled with jovial invitations of friendships, absurd flights of fantasy, and singing. Lots of singing.

Aaron Hertzog is a comedian based out of Philadelphia, where he started performing stand-up in 2006. Since then, he has developed a reputation as one of the best comedians in the city, making last year's list of Ten Best Comedians in Philadelphia, according to He was also second runner-up in Helium Comedy Club's 2010 Philly's Phunniest Person Competition, beating out over 150 other competitors. He is a regular host at Helium and he often performs at other comedy clubs and alt rooms throughout the region.

Previous Festival Appearances:
- 2009 Helium Comedy Club's Philly's Funniest Contest (Semi-Finalist)
- 2009 Named one of the top 10 comedians in Philadelphia by
- 2010 Helium Comedy Club's Philly's Funniest Contest (Third Place)

Jonathan Pace

Jonathan weaves language into humorous and insightful observations and anecdotes. Some describe his comedy as "smart," a description that Jonathan disagrees with. Watching one of his sets will make you a better person, or at least a drunker person. Also, poop jokes.

Jonathan is based out of Austin, TX where he's been a finalist in that city's "Funniest Person in Austin" contest. He's also been invited to perform in SXSW's Comedy Death-Ray showcase and was recognized as a newcomer worthy of more attention at the 2008 Aspen Comedy Festival. The most fun he's ever had was opening for Norm MacDonald.