Wednesday, August 31st

9:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Audrey Sansom, Troy A. Miller, Ted Rutherford, Andy Crouch, Sean Hill


Austin, Texas

Junk presents "Crash" in which the cast of intrepid comedians create a series of unrelated scenes at the top of the show, then weave them together into a cohesive narrative. The audience will provide suggestions for different apartments in an apartment building, different periods in history, perhaps different genres (or even some combination thereof) to inspire unique story threads that will collide and integrate with each other over time.

Junk is five person comedy ensemble from Austin, Texas. While not one of them owns a cowboy hat, they do kick up some lively and inventive good-ol-time improvisation. Their focus is on creating a playful energy and relationship with the audience, often involving the audience in their work. They specialize in strong characters and genres, improvised stories and games, and sending each other inappropriate text messages.

Cast:Mark Snacker, Courtney Hopkin, Eric Heiberg, James Roberts, Katie Thornton



Snackers is a family of five delicious entertainers hungry for laughter and snacks. They apply their experience in longform narrative improvisation to create formats that pay homage to their favorite movies and TV shows. Using audience inspiration as a jumping-off point, they create a fresh new story all their own.

Snackers began life in 2007 as a delicious performance troupe hungry for laughter and snacks. They are a family of five entertainers who are professionally trained and psychologically drawn to stab you in the heart with adorable laughter. Their performances center on improvised comedy stories made up on the spot based on inspiration given to us by the audience.

Cast:Andy Petruzzo, Elizabeth Leader, Nick Ramirez, Lance Gilstrap, Joel Keith, Michael Williams, Jericho Thorp

Midnight Society

Austin, TX

Known for their absurdist humor, pop culture smarts, and on-stage fearlessness, Midnight Society has been described as "witty, charming, and bold" by the Austin American-Statesman.

They perform a single scene that lasts the duration of the show, interrupted by quick detours whenever a new game presents itself. By the end of each show, Midnight Society has built a unique universe with its own characters and rules that all lead to an inevitable and unexpected conclusion.

Made up of stand up and sketch comedians, filmmakers, actors, and writers, Midnight Society is an Austin comedy juggernaut. Formed in 2007, they've produced over 20 unique, hour-long sketch comedy revues and have performed countless improv shows in Austin and at festivals around the country.