Wednesday, August 31st

10pm @ ColdTowne Theater This venue is cash only. Pay once, stay as long as you want

Cast:Kacey Samiee, Jon Clinkenbeard



Based on the style of Pinter, Williams, Mamet, and other well-known playwrights, Jon Clinkenbeard and Kacey Samiee create two or more characters with dynamic and often absurd relationships.

Long silences, polished space work, and subtle body language often take the place of dialogue in exploring and expanding the moment. Ultimately the goal of J/k is to play with tension and allow the audience to experience both the light and dark sides of human nature from the comfort of their theatre seat.

Jon and Kacey have been doing shows together for the past two years. They have performed in OOB 2010 and have since been invited to perform at the Hyde Park Theatre due to the theatrical presentation and grounded nature of their format.

Cast:Curtis Luciani, Kaci Beeler

The Amazon & The Milksop


Join The Amazon & The Milksop for improvised rollicking tales of adventure and danger featuring that notorious glamour couple of the Jazz Age: F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. Due to their lavish lifestyle, the Fitzgeralds are out of money again, and ready for hire as spies, saboteurs, and assassins. They are also terrible drunkards and skanks.

Kaci Beeler and Curtis Luciani are two Austin improvisers who like to make the people laugh, squirm, think, cry, and experience other wonderful and/or troubling things. They frequently explore gender and relationships in their improvisation while delighting, surprising, and disgusting each other as much as they possibly can.