Wednesday, August 31st

8pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Lance Gilstrap, David Jara, Nick Ramirez, Mac Blake

Hot Property

(Sketch) Austin, TX

Hot Property specializes in sketch-prov, a sketch and improv hybrid where the performers take the stage armed with only a broad idea of how the sketch will go.

Basically, before each show, they write a bunch of sketches, forget all the lines, and try to put it back together again on stage. This looseness leads to funny discoveries that are then incorporated into later performances. At larger shows, they perform a collection of their favorite sketches with most of the lines committed to memory, allowing for the occasional hilarious discovery.

Mac Blake and David Jara have worked together for years, in Austin's movie-mocking mainstay Master Pancake Theater, on their KOOP radio show Mascot Wedding, and in the sketch comedy troupe Stag.

Nick Ramirez and Lance Gilstrap have worked together for years, in the improv and sketch troupe Midnight Society, in the sketch comedy duo Ramirez and Gilstrap, and as producers of the annual Austin Sketch Fest.

Separately, they're two sets of talented writers and performers. Together, they're an unstoppable comedy juggernaut.

Cast:James Patrick Robinson, Michael Foulk, Milo Smith, Brady James

Spirit Desire


Spirit Desire performs what can best be described as "DreamScapeProv". They begin with a seed that organically follows the trail of whatever logic they create... so every show is individual, and yet, somehow, inevitable.

As a group they have performed throughout Texas and have played at The Dallas Comedy Festival and Hell Yes Fest. Its members have also performed at the Del Close Marathons, and Fun Fun Fun Fest.

In addition to performing long-form improv the group also creates sketches for the stage and web. They are all graduates of the conservatory at The New Movement in Austin, TX.

Cast:Rachel Madorsky, Dave Buckman

Rachel and Dave

Austin, TX

The married Rachel Madorsky and Dave Buckman weave spontaneous comedy about the foibles and complexities of relationships like a modern-day Stiller and Meara. They perform two person improv and sketch shows with real characters, love, whimsy and sometimes inappropriate situations.

Rachel began improvising with Comedy Sportz Austin and later as an actor with The Second City in Cleveland.

Dave studied, taught and directed improv in Chicago and served as Artistic Director of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. After Europe, Dave worked as a director and teacher at The Second City in Chicago.

They also teach on the faculty of ColdTowne and perform regularly as members of the award-winning improv ensemble The Frank Mills.