Wednesday, August 31st

8pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Kacey Samiee, Valerie Ward, Courtney Hopkin , Sarah Marie Curry , Curtis Luciani , Kaci Beeler

Girl Embassy World Team

Austin, TX

This super group comprised of 5 ladies and 1 gentleman present to you a pop world the likes of which you have never seen before. This is a world in which global sensation Girl Embassy World Team, a five-lady troupe of international dancers, tours the world performing vibrant dances to upbeat girl-sung tracks and spreads messages of positivity and femininity to young girls through comedic skits. After viewing one of their "concerts", the audience goes on a wild ride backstage with the girls and their manager as they navigate what life's like on the road as a corporate-controlled pop sensation.

GEWT is comprised of some of Austin's top improvisational performers from all over the stylistic map. Individually they've toured to over 30 cities and have performed in such festivals as The Chicago Improv Fest, The Seattle Festival of Improvisation, and the Del Close Marathon, among many others. They have won FronteraFest Best of Fest, Austin Chronicle Best of Year, and B. Iden Payne award accolades. They all perform weekly in various shows at the Hideout Theatre, Salvage Vanguard Theater, and ColdTowne Theater.

Cast:James Roberts, Amy McKenna

Ames and James


For Out of Bounds 2011, Ames and James are going on an adventure and are taking you with them. Armed with backpacks, headlamps and a half dozen assorted snack bars, Ames and James set off into uncharted comedic territory. Switching back and forth between a lighted and unlighted stage (except for the aforementioned headlamps), Ames and James move between everyday theme based scene work and a central recurring story playing out in a far off, mystery-filled land like the dark depths of a cave, the hidden jungles of equatorial Africa, or the near-certainly haunted basement of the house James just bought off a dude on Craigslist.

Amy McKenna and James Roberts have been performing together for over five years. They met as members of "The Leading Brands" with whom they performed at Out of Bounds in 2006 and 2007. In 2008, the two reformed as a two-person troupe and were labelled "Ames and James" before they could come up with a name of their own. Ames and James perform regularly at The New Movement Theater and at Coldtowne Theater's "Monday Night Mash".

In 2010 they performed as part of The Megaphone Marathon Comedy Festival in Dallas and in New Orleans. Stylistically, the pair's shows are known for a heavy dose of absurdity mixed with rich character development and even the occasional call-back.

Cast:Sarah Marie Curry, Marc Majcher, Monique Daviau, Mike Kinald, Jason Vines, Eric Heiberg, Matt Pollock

Improv for Evil

Austin, TX

Improv for Evil presents: "Time Hobo"

Follow the travels of an unnamed homeless man as he is whisked away to key events in the past, attempting to fix the damage he has already done. In this ongoing serial, the audience steps in as the panel of doctors and scientists who advise the Time Hobo on how he should rectify each of the disasters he has created.

Time Hobo: He's not crazy. He's from the future.

Improv For Evil has been spreading chaos and insanity through the Austin improv scene since May of 2006. They have absorbed teachings from all corners of the world, and twisted them into their own unique brand of mayhem on stages across this city and beyond.

Improv For Evil will do anything, to anyone, any time; they leap fearlessly from every angle, leaving no risk untaken. From narrative to harold, from montage to musical, these sinister agents of anarchy do it all.