Friday, September 2nd

7:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Sara Farr, Shana Merlin

Get Up

Austin, Texas

Get Up is two veteran improvisers from Austin, Texas presenting narrative long form at its best. Expect multiple characters, quick edits, and sophisticated comedy as they make up a complete story on the spot inspired by randomly selected musical scores.

Get Up members Shana Merlin and Shannon McCormick have been working together in different improv troupes, such as The Heroes of Comedy, and performances such as No Shame Theatre since 2002.

In 2005, they decided to pare down and form a two-person improv troupe. In 2006 they added sound improviser Sara Farr to their ensemble to provide a live soundtrack and scoring to Shannon and Shana's improvised stories.

Get Up's latest format begins with the audience randomly selecting the theme music for the show and the performers use that as inspiration for an improvised comedic one act play.

Cast:Dwana White, Tammie Smalls, Jason Kelley, Marshall Givens, Stephen C. James, Edana Walker


Los Angeles

TuskegeeXperiment improvises based on a social injustice of the audience's choice, playing fast and loose and showcasing the diversity of styles and voices within the group. They show that from tragedy comes comedy, and injustice is in the eye of the beholder.

TuskegeeXperiment is long-form improvised comedy born from a suggestion of a social injustice. These 6 improvisers will shine the light of truth and comedy on historical and contemporary social phenomena, as well as the seemingly trivial occurrences of everyday life. This is improvisation at its finest. No subject, no event, no individual is immune from the infectious laughter.