Thursday, September 1st

9:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Dave Jennings, Tyler Samples

Final Foxtrot


Final Foxtrot is performed by Dave Jennings and Tyler Samples, and it is described as a "two man/one man improvised theater piece" where the actors take over each other's characters and further the depth and development by reflecting the relationship from the opposing players point of view. This leads to a complete string of scenes that seem to bleed in and out of the characters minds. The scenes are revisited and characters interact with relationships from their lives and sometimes with themselves.

Dave Jennings and Tyler Samples have trained at some of the top schools of improvisation in the world, but their unique experiences and educations have given them a desire to not merely improvise, but instead connect with the audience and expose real thought provoking experiences while still nodding to the audience that in the end, this is improv' we cannot really jump off a building on stage, but if we bring the audience with us, the emotions, the tricks of theatricality, space work, mime, and physical comedy, we can create the feelings of shared experiences between the audience and the characters brought to life on stage.

Previous Festival Appearances:

- Out of Bounds
- Twin Cities Improv Festival
- Del Close Marathon
- Chicago Improv Festival

Cast:Katie Hartman, Leah Rudick

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting

(Sketch) New York City

From the womb of a beautiful fish-beast these two ladies were spawned. They suckled upon the cement bosom of New York City, learning to laugh while eating broken glass. A sketch comedy show that turns daisies into daggers and filth into fancy.

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting is sketch comedy from the cement bosom of New York City. Since their immaculate conception this devout duo has been tearing up the NYC comedy circuit, performing at such notable venues as Upright Citizens Brigade, Caroline's on Broadway, and the People's Improv Theater.

Previous Festival Appearances:
- New York Sketchfest
- Los Angeles Comedy Festival
- Ladies Are Funny Festival
- Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Cast:Jordan T. Maxwell, Jeffrey T. Amos

710 Split

Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX

710 Split mines inspiration for strong storytelling from the space between the performer's intention and the resulting character. Inspired by initial audience suggestion, one performer begins a monologue. The players will then switch identities: the first becoming an observer as the second slips into the original character to complete the monologue. From this initial piece threads of character, relationship, and theme are drawn into the twin headspace of the performers to weave a single narrative, resulting in a tale that explores established notions and discovering new routes and adventures.

Jeffrey Amos and Jordan T. Maxwell founded 710 Split to establish a unique hybrid of their idiosyncratic sensibilities. The two have a long history together, having been frequent collaborators in groups such as Austin's Well Hung Jury and The Sicks. Each has a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry in Austin, Los Angeles, and Chicago. They search not simply for the laughter that comes with comedic performance, but the startling moments of discovery that can be found in between.

Previous Festival Appearances:

- Out of Bounds 2009 and 2010
- Out of Bounds West 2007