Saturday, September 3rd

11pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Upstairs


Cast:Justin York, Arthur Simone, Michael Jastroch



ColdTowne has been described as "darkly satirical" and "explosive." Their long-form improv shows are, first and foremost, character pieces. ColdTowne believes in the absurd predictability of human behavior, and enjoys exploring the dark nooks and crannies of made up people.

Since 2005, ColdTowne has performed long-form improv every week at ColdTowne Theater, won "Best Improv Group" in the Austin Chronicle Readers Poll, and opened its own theater and training center. ColdTowne is Arthur Simone, Michael Jastroch, and Justin York.

Cast:Andree Vermeulen, manateemann, Mateo Giles, Kid Koopernikus, Jamie Moyer, and hosted by Victor Varnado

The BEATdown

Victor Varnado hosts OOB's finest hip-hop inclined comedians and one audience volunteer in "The BEATdown." It's a freestyle rap face-off decided by the audience - 6 rounds of badass one-on-one rap battles. You saw 8 Mile, right? Like that, but funnier.

Cast:Stephen C. James, Chris Compton


(Sketch) Los Angeles

Science and religion are like Sid and Nancy: two freakishly interesting creatures who won't stop stabbing each other until both are dead. Nerdvana's "Nanotheology" is a sketch comedy tour through both halves of the human brain: the one useless enough to invent the USB Powered Coffee Cup Warmer and the one gullible enough to buy it.

Nerdvana has performed their geektacular brand of improvised and sketch comedy around the country since 2006. They've improvised weekly at IO West's Sunday Social for the past 3 years and hosted Sketch Devils, Second City LA's bi-weekly sketch comedy meltdown for the past year.

Together, they've been seen at Chicago Sketchfest, Austin's Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, the Improlympia Festival and writing for Hulu's "Twentysixmiles". Apart they've been seen/heard in The Blind Side, Cougar Town, the front page of the LA Times and LA's Moth Grand Slam.