Wednesday, August 31st

9pm @ The Velveeta Room This venue is cash only. Pay once, stay as long as you want

Chad Warren

Chad Warren is relatively enlightened...for a redneck. He'll come at you with standard relationship fare or unemployment woes and then switch it up with a stack of groaners or a rant on over-indulgent pet owners geared to leave you rolling and feeling better about the world and your place in it. many times can you say you've heard a clever d***-joke pun?

Chad is a Velveeta Room veteran who's been seen from the Laff Spot in Houston to Helium in Portland (OK that was technically an open mic) and three or four other points in between. His only television appearance to date involves him drunkenly telling off Bobby Flay (he's trying to get that episode out of rotation) but look for him in Sara Michelle Gellar's "Revolver" (1.3 seconds in the background), and the currently-in-production "Beyond The Darkness" where he gets viciously and repeatedly murdered by angels.

Steven Farmer

Gather 'round as Steven tells you awkward tales of growing up in Arkansas, what it's like working in a gym, and how he learned not to talk during sex.

Writer, director, producer, and star of the feature film 'Late Bloomer'.

Tony Vinh

Tony was once described as an Asian Chris Rock, even being dubbed with the name, "Chris Wok." Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with Tony being a brilliant comic like Chris Rock but rather because he has long fingers and says the F-bomb a lot. That aside, Tony's comedy does offer keen, clever and sometimes absurd observations and commentary on his personal life as well as social issues. "Tony is very funny... I guess," said his mom reluctantly after being paid no less than $500.

Tony Vinh has been performing stand-up comedy since 2003 all over the US. Most of the time, he's at one-nighter bars no one has ever heard of, but he's also graced the stages at iconic comedy clubs such as The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv and The Ice House. In 2008, Tony was an audience favorite at The Detroit Comedy Festival and, in 2009, he was invited to perform at clubs in Ireland and England. Off stage, Tony has written numerous national television commercials and is currently working on a children's book. Originally from Kansas City, he now resides in Austin, TX.

Mac Blake

Mac Blake is stand-up comedian from Austin, TX. Mac also performs with the sketch groups Stag Comedy and Hot Property, mocks movies with Master Pancake Theater, and co-hosts the award winning radio program, The Mascot Wedding Show.

Amber Bixby

Frustrated with life never working out, Amber Bixby began pursuing a career in comedy. With her optimistic sense of pessimism and sardonic charm, Amber butts her head against such topics as unemployment, unprepared motherhood, failed relationships and general disappointment. Her unique perspective has found a home with audiences all over who increasingly find frustration in today's world.

Amber received praise during her 2010 performance in the nationally recognized Funniest Person in Austin Contest where she placed as a Semi-Finalist. She has opened for Comedian and Parks & Recreation writer, Chelsea Peretti at Hell Yes Fest and performed with comics such as Jen Kirkman & Morgan Murphy at Boston's 2011 Women in Comedy Festival.

Seth Cockfield

Seth Cockfield is a writer and comedian based out of Austin, TX, delivering neurotic, anti-religious screeds with a personal yet absurdist bent. Mixing the high-brow with the low, Seth has been delivering fresh, consistently sharp material since his early 20s's, garnering comparisons to Woody Allen, Harry Potter, and the guy from Weezer. Due to his suffering from chronic allergies, bad eyesight and a deviated septum, he is thankful for the last century of scientific breakthroughs, without which he would not have made it this far. He most recently claimed to have seen Louis Pasteur in his toast.