Wednesday, August 31st

9pm @ ColdTowne Theater This venue is cash only. Pay once, stay as long as you want

Cast:Bob Khosravi, Topping Haggerty, Quinn Buckner, Brandon Salinas

Bolik Not ZIB

Austin, TX

Bolik Not ZIB is having a party (whatever the nearest holiday is: Xmas, Groundhog Day, Grandparents Day) and you are all invited. Theses roomies should never live in the same house, much less throw parties, so expect the craziest, most awesome party in town, with ninja double talk, hypothesizing chaos, and the best frien-nemies ever experienced on earth.

Bolik Not ZIB (BNZ) is a long form improv troupe based in Austin, TX. BNZ is best known for it's 'House Party' format that proves life is a party, no matter how many times Santa becomes a bee-controlled zombie, or the monkey gets killed, or the Banana throws a fit, or the creepy girl and mafia dude show up uninvited. And ya' can't have a party without your girlfriend's giant cheese wheel.

Cast:Jon Clinkenbeard, Jeff Britt, Paul Wainright, Michael Ferstenfeld

Happiness is a Choice


Happiness is a Choice makes comedy from live spontaneous, scientific experiments, performed by zealots of a new cult colored orange. In each hand-crafted public experiment, Happiness is a Choice utilizes improvisation and their unique style of meta-theater to learn about each other and about the moments they inhabit. After being both enlightened and delighted, you will find yourself returned to your default light setting.

Incoming transmission from Happiness is a Choice:

In 16 public experiments, Happiness is a Choice is proud to announce the accomplishment of accruing at least three people who have claimed, without our prompting, that they are fans of Happiness is a Choice.

Is that enough? Or is this too irreverent? If it's too irreverent, there's more. If not, we prefer you stop reading.

Oh, so you chose to keep reading. Too irreverent huh? Okay well, thing is, we were hoping you would just LOVE that joke as much as we did. But you didn't. And that was really probably our best joke. So it's kind of like, what more can you want from us? Now it just seems pointless. What else are you expecting to find? That joke was funny no matter what. And if you don't get it, you just don't get us, so just stop judging us already, okay.