Sunday, September 4th

9pm @ The State Theater


Cast:Colton Dunn (Rough Cut, Parks & Recreation, MAD TV), Dan Oster (My Favorite Customer, MAD TV,, Dave Buckman (The Frank Mills, The Second City Chicago/Cleveland), Joe Canale (Uncles Brother, The Second City Chicago), Ryan Gowland (io West: Local 132 & Mahogony, The Second City), Suzi Barrett (Rough Cut, eSurance Commercials, UCB tourco)

Boom Chicago

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Since 1993, Boom Chicago has mixed sharp writing, quick thinking and high production values to create hilarious live shows at their 225 seat theatre in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Often referred to as the Second City of Europe, Boom performs nightly in Amsterdam and at theaters, festivals and corporate events all over the world.

Their impressive list of alumni includes Seth Meyers (Saturday Night Live), Jason Sudeikis (Horrible Bosses, Hall Pass), Jordan Peele (Comedy Central), Josh Meyers (Pee Wee's Playhouse), Ike Barinholtz (Eastbound and Down), Nicole Parker (Wicked on Broadway), Dan Oster (MAD-TV), Liz Cackowski & Heather Campbell (SNL), Allison Silverman & Pete Grosz (Colbert Report), Kay Cannon & Tami Sagher (30 Rock), Joe Kelly (How I Met Your Mother), Dave Buckman (Second City) and Matt Jones (Breaking Bad). Boom is a virtual breeding ground of tomorrow's edgiest talent and performs supertight improv games and classic sketches from their nearly 20-year arsenal.

Cast:Tim Meadows, Joe Canale, Brad Morris

Uncle's Brother Feat. Tim Meadows


Uncle's Brother is comprised of 'Saturday Night Live' veteran Tim Meadows along with Second City/iO/Annoyance alums Joe Canale and Brad Morris. This killer trio has been entertaining college and club audiences all over the United States and abroad with their unique blend of stand-up and improv.

Uncle's Brother will be doing the Sunday Headliner's Show and closing out the festival Monday night with a Lottery show. That means that any performer will have the chance to do a set with these legends after merely having their name drawn from a hat.

Tim Meadows first rose to prominence with his 9-year stint as a cast member of 'Saturday Night Live,' during which time he developed one of the shows most beloved characters, Leon Phelps, The Ladies Man, later reprising the role in a Paramount feature film of the same name. He also became known for his deadpan impressions of celebrities like O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Tiger Woods. Other notable film roles include Principal Duvall in 'Mean Girls,' and Sam in 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.' He performs regularly at iO in Chicago with Joe and Brad in Uncle's Brother as well as with Miles Stroth and Heather Campbell in Heather, Miles, and Tim.

Brad is one third of Uncle's Brother along with Joe Canale and Tim Meadows.  He has been improvising, and writing and performing sketch comedy for a long time.  He was a member of The Second City Mainstage in Chicago for four revues and is an original member of iO's, The Reckoning, Stubs, and Armando.  He now lives in LA and appears in tiny roles in TV and FILM.

Joe Canale has worked at too many theaters to list. Here is the list: Boom Chicago, The Second City Mainstage (Chicago), iO, iO west, Annoyance Theatre, Second City LA. Clearly he was lying in his first sentence as there is room for at least 3 more theaters.