Thursday, September 1st

10:30pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Tom Booker, Asaf Ronen, Jeff Britt

Baxter & Bernard

Austin, TX

The Institution Theater's Tom Booker and Asaf Ronen play Baxter & Bernard, the world's most eligible confirmed bachelors - giddily so. Join them and their manservant, Meredith, as they travel the far corners of the audience's imagination in search of adventure'and the love of the ladies.

Tom Booker is formerly of Los Angeles where he taught at Second City, did over 70 commercials and had success in staged versions of The Brady Bunch and Valley of the Dolls. Asaf Ronen is formerly New York City where he launched his book Directing Improv: Show the Way By Getting Away and has been touring around the world teaching improv. Together they run The Institution Theater here in Austin, Texas.

Previous Festival Appearances:

- Asafapalooza (2010)

Cast:Julia Wackenheim, Dustin Sterling, Greg Castle, Ben Seeder, Graham Douglas, Chris Gorbos, Drew Coolidge, Molly Hawkey


Los Angeles

DHT is a Harold team out of Los Angeles that is known for pushing past the traditional form and creating something unlike anything you were expecting. From uniquely creative edits, to songs, to monologues, to some of the most solid character and group work you can see, DHT is truly an experience.

Come witness the resurrection of one of the greatest Harold teams to ever come out of California.

DHT played weekly on the famed iO West mainstage for well over six and a half years. In this time, DHT became more of an institution than just a regular Harold team. The style employed by DHT is not one that is easily described. Sometimes a show needs nothing but silence. Sometimes a show needs nothing but fast tags. Sometimes a show needs nothing but one slow tear-jerking scene. DHT's job is to figure out what the show needs.

DHT is good at its job.

" of the finest Harold Teams iO West has ever produced."

Previous Festival Appearances:

- 2007 Los Angeles Harold Team Champions
- Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival 2004-2010