Friday, September 2nd

9pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Kaci Beeler, Bill Stern, Ace Manning, Michael Joplin, Jeremy Lamb

Available Cupholders


The Rolling Stones of Austin improv, the Available Cupholders theatre ensemble is dedicated to producing experimental, enriching and entertaining improvisational comedy.

Unlocking the power of this artform through live performance and various media, they strive to be on the cusp of a daring theatrical experience that takes place anytime, anywhere. Their goal is to elevate the form and level the playing field, shedding light on the ever-changing zeitgeist in which we live.

For Out of Bounds this year, they will do mostly poop jokes.

Cast:Aaron Krebs, Lloyd Ahlquist

Mission: IMPROVable


Mission IMPROVable began on the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, over 13 years ago (back when only the military had the internet!). From there, six members moved to Chicago to study improvisation at the world famous Second City, Improv Olympic (now IO), and Annoyance theater. While in Chicago the six original members proved to be quite a powerhouse when it came to improv comedy. After being given their own house team at IO, and various runs all over town, the group decided to create a show that could be taken on the road. This show became such a hit that they signed with the Bass-Schuler agency and soon became the #1 touring improv comedy act in the country.

Since it's inception (not the confusing movie), Mission IMPROVable has performed in every state in the US. They have brought customized comedy shows to college campuses, corporations, charity events, and even some dude in Singapore (we love international fans). They have created a show that can be performed just about anywhere for anyone (though, we do prefer a stage and conscious people). Hire them for your event and find out why they have been nominated Campus Activities Magazine "Comedy Act of the Year" for 6 years in a row.