Friday, September 2nd

12am @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Directed by Andy Crouch and Marc Majcher, featuring various performers from all over

All-Star Maestro


Every Saturday at 10pm Austin's Hideout Theatre presents Maestro, featuring 12 of Austin's virtuoso improv comedians ... only one of whom will make it to the end of the show. They play games and scenes, you score them, and the directors eliminate low-scoring players after each round. The surviving improviser is declared the winner and MAESTRO before being awarded a crisp new Canadian five-dollar bill.

But for Out of Bounds, Maestro will expand to include some 25 of the best improvisers from around the country, as various members of the festival's performing groups submit to the will of the directors and to the scoring whims of the audience.

Here's the cast list:
Chuy Zarate from Zarzamora (Austin)
Mat Giles from Shades of Brown (Austin)
Shannon McCormick from Get Up (Austin)
Jason Vines from IFE (Austin)
Aden Kirschner from Girls Girls Girls (Austin)
Jordan T. Maxwell from from 710 Split (Austin/LA)
Jeffery Mills from Think Tank (Austin)
Chris Allen from Confidence Men (Austin)
Ruby Willmann from Your Dad's Friends (Austin)
Kendall Burdett from Margot's Pie (Los Angeles)
Justin Baker from The 400 Cat (Los Angeles)
Colton Dunn from Rough Cut (Los Angeles)
Steph Jones from That Summer in June (Chicago)
Katie Hartman from Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting (New York)
Ben Masten from Audience of 2 (New York)
Sam Dingman from Audience of 2 (New York)
Tyler Bryce from Red Dirt Improv (OKC)
Jaime Moyer from Second City Holywood (Los Angeles)
Ryan Bradley Heine from Rogue Improv (Houston)
Kristin Schier from The Kristen and Amy Show (Philadelphia)
Adrianne Gagnon from We're from Here (Toronto)
Matt Folliott form Standards & Practices (Toronto)
Doug Lief from My Favorite Customer (Los Angeles)
Tommy Galan from FUCT (New York)
Rick Andrews from The Cascade (New York)