Thursday, September 1st

9pm @ The Hideout Theatre - Downstairs


Cast:Francois Vincent, Marc Rowland

Montreal Improv

Montreal, Canada

Montreal Improv presents: "Epic Adventure", a tale of Fantasy with magic, myths, and monsters.

Featuring Montreal's Francois Vincent and Marc Rowland, their show is heavily inspired by Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" and their love of the fantasy genre.

Francois and Marc have been improvising together for over a decade. They are founding directors of Montreal's only dedicated improv theatre, Montreal Improv. Epic Adventure has been performed at ImprovBoston's Geek Week as well as the Montreal, Boston, Ottawa and New York (DCM) Improv Festivals.

Cast:Nick Leveski, George Serad, Dave Maher, Margaret Conway, Bill Stern

K.C. Redheart


K.C. Redheart presents Mythos, an improvised Myth. People love stories. All people do. You do. We know you do. Myths are really, really good stories. Powerfully good stories. Epically powerful stories that are good. And awesome.

They deal with primal things. Essential questions. Questions like... "How good can a man be?" and "As good as a God?" and "Is a god even good?" Wow. Story AND philosophy? And feeling? Heart? Yes. Awesome. K.C. Redheart presents Mythos, an improvised epically awesome, primal story with feeling and heart that asks the deep questions. And jokes and stuff.

K.C. Redheart is a Playground Theater house team from Chicago. Thrown together three years ago, this rag-tag group of strangers grew into exactly what a recent TimeOut article described them as, a "nimble ensemble." A true synergistic cast of actor/improvisers that violates natural laws and honors cliches by being greater than the sum of its parts. The only thing the Redhearts love more than improvising together is a challenge. Their anual 30 hour improv marathon satisfies both those loves. With over one billion years of combined stage experience, they can ALMOST guarantee a good show every time.

"This nimble ensemble dives in full with total abandon and manages a highly entertaining Guffman-esque lampoon of community theater." - TimeOut Chicago

Previous Festival Appearances:

- Out of Bounds 2009
- Producers of the 30 Hour Improv Marathon, The Playground (Chicago IL)