Artists Only

Here is some info for those performing in the festival

.4) Performer Pass Upgrades

... are available for purchase. You'll get free entry into two shows (not including Uncle's Brother) with your standard badge. This entrance is on a wait-list availability, and can only be used if there is room after everyone else is seated. You also have the option of upgrading your pass so that you can see all of the shows or all of the shows except Uncle's Brother. This means you can make a reservation request at any show and provided the show is not sold out already, you will have will-call tickets reserved for you. Please email to our box office manager, Matt,if you're having trouble with the system. [ box AT outofboundscomedy DOT com ]
PLEASE NOTE: Because there are no reservations for ColdTowne Theater and Velveeta Room shows, we unfortunately cannot guarantee entry to these shows.

[$49] - Perf Upgrade Level I does not include entrance to the Uncle's Brother shows BUY HERE!
[$69] - Perf Upgrade Level II includes admission to ALL shows (Sunday is a $28 ticket!) BUY HERE!

You can also pay cash and upgrade your pass when you pick up your packet and badges, but buying it online is way easier for us and you.

1) Registration

Performers will be able to register from 5-9pm each day of the festival by going to the Hideout classroom to pick up their badges, t-shirt, and welcome packets. They can enter through the front of the building before 7pm generally and through the rear of the building after 7pm generally.

1) Hideout Performer Entrance

We are going to try a new system this year where performers enter in the alley behind the Hideout and are sent to the upstairs for upstairs shows and remain downstairs for downstairs shows. This will not go into effect each night until probly 30 minutes before the start of the first show each night. Before then, performers can use any entrance.

1) Hotel

The deadline for making a reservation at The Hilton Garden Inn has passed. Sorry, sucker.

Reserve by the deadline or you risk not getting in at all.
HERE’S HOW! Visit this site

and follow the instructions. Be sure you accurately indicate how many people are staying in your room, so they can have enough beds for you. If you have any issues with the web site or want to inquire about the quad or triple, call (512) 457-7924 and just explain whats going on.

Our group code is: “OBCF”

2) The Party Schedule

Wednesday, August 31 - EARLY: The Velveeta Room (521 E. 6th Street) 11pm to 1am. Enjoy the chill oasis of our very own bar on 6th Street, loaded with affordable booze.
Thursday, September 1 - House of Jessica, Cody, and Cortnie (CHECK YOUR PACKET FOR ADDRESS) 10pm to 2am-ish. Enjoy complimentary cocktails from Deep Eddy Vodka. Also, free beer and all your friends. Come hungry for Henry's ATX food truck.
Friday, September 2 - House of Sam (CHECK YOUR PACKET FOR ADDRESS) 11pm to ??? Enjoy food truck excellence from Henry's ATX while you sip or slam crafted Deep Eddy Vodka beverages and chase them with kegged suds. Also, more new friends will be there.
Saturday, September 3 - EARLY: Lavaca Street Bar (405 Lavaca St) 11pm to 2am Enjoy being in a bar.

LATE: JamCity @ ColdTowne (4803 Airport Blvd.) 2am to ??? Free beer will fuel your unending desires to play drunken short form games with total strangers for almost no audience. It's more fun and more dangerous than it sounds.

Sunday, September 4 - Silhouette (718 Congress Ave) 11pm to 4am Enjoy the dulcet tones of our very own reserved karaoke club with three whole rooms of sanging and one big one for mingling that has no sangers in it. Drink specials, sushi til midnight.

4) Mini-Golf

Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm sharp!, festival participants are invited to a free round of mini-golf. Our golf czar puts everyone in randomly assigned groups of four and the lowest score is declared the winning team at our huge closing night party, where they are awarded the Ridiculous Jacket of which they may wear for the evening’s festivities. Email Jericho Thorp to get on the golf list: jericho.thorp AT gmail DOT com

5) Tickets and Workshops

Tickets are now for sale as well as passes, performer upgrades, and workshop registrations. Check the tickets and workshops pages for more info.

5) All-Star Maestro

Sign up with Roy for a chance to maybe play in our 2011 All-Star Maestro show. Maestro is a short form pseudo competitive improv show where every player is fighting to stay in the show as the audience scores each scene they are in. Always a blast at OOB and we want to get a wide variety of players, so do muck in. email Roy: roy ART janik DORT org

5.75) Travel Info

Please get your travel plans to our Talent Coordinator, Emma Holder, so we can best accommodate your airport and/or accommodation needs. Her email is emmaholder AT gmail DEET com

6) Promo

Please help to promote the festival and your show(s) by posting on Facebook about how awesome we/you are. What's good for the goose, etc........

our facebook:
our twitter:
our tumblr (please post at will):

7) MUCHO Importante

One last note about your show, we are very strict about time as the schedule is super tight. Please refer to an earlier email if you don’t know how long your set is. We will black you out and it will be awkward for you if you go long. A note to sketch troupes: Please travel light and be prepared for your tech rehearsal with a cue script (we will schedule these as the festival gets closer.) Also, be advised, we will black you out if you run long.

7.1) Pre-Order Out of Print

Out of Print is the inaugural edition of the Out of Bounds Literary Magazine, of which many of you have contributed works. It's a beautiful little compendium of funny and enlightening written comedy. It features work from Greg Proops and a couple guys named Jon, as well as many others not named Jon. There is also a limited run of just 100 and we'll be selling them to the public at shows, so the only way to guarantee you'll get one is to pre-order it. You can do this from the Tickets page, linked above.

Jeremy Lamb - 512 293 1905 cupholders AT gmail DERT com
Dave Buckman - 512 983 7085 buckprov AT yahoo DERT com
Kareem Badr - 512 968 6486 roy AT janik DERT org
Roy Janik - 512 638 7265 kareem AT kareembadr DERT com
Kerri Lendo - 267 994 6864 kerri.lendo AT gmail DERT com