Wednesday, Sept 1st

9:30pm @ Salvage Vanguard Theater - Apples Stage


Katie Thornton, Mark Carpenter, James Roberts, Eric Heiberg, Courtney Hopkin



No matter where they go, the Snackers always seem to run into g-g-g-ghosts! Come ride along in the Snackers Mystery Van as they attempt to solve a groovy mystery inspired by audience suggestions.

Snackers is a family of five delicious entertainers hungry for laughter and snacks. They apply their experience in longform narrative improvisation to create formats that pay homage to their favorite movies and TV shows. Using audience inspiration as a jumping-off point, they create a fresh new story all their own.



Asaf Ronen, Dave Buckman, Tom Booker, John Ratliff

You're Not My Real Dad


Upbeat, fresh-faced, and brimming with youthful enthusiasm: these are phrases you will never, ever hear applied to Austin's You're Not My Real Dad. Embittered by experience, railroaded by relationships, down by law, YNMRD are never going to see thirty again, and they're pissed about it. So they perform improv the same way they walk into the kitchen in the morning: balls out. They get their inspiration from old LPs and their dinner from the gas station. This is improv with authority from the last people you'd want to have any.